For detail regarding which items of uniform are optional, required, seasonal, generic or branded, please refer to the academy's uniform policy: 



Our current academy uniform supplier is:

Greenswear Ltd

41 High Street,


01472 291593

Greenswear Ltd accept our academy uniform vouchers.


All pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding are provided via a voucher annually to exchange for a sweatshirt or cardigan from Greenswear Ltd.


The academy will review its uniform contract every five years, whether changes to the uniform are made or not.

Uniform is procured as cheaply as possible without compromising on the quality, with a consideration for accessibility of location.


Previously used uniform is also available from:


1). The Academy reception area

We have a clothes rail of 'free to a good home' Academy uniform in our main entrance - PLEASE VISIT TO TAKE A LOOK.


2) The British Red Cross shop

9 St Peter’s Avenue


01472 290464.


Parents are also invited to donate their child’s uniform when they no longer need it by handing it

into the academy office or taking directly to the British Red Cross shop at the address above.