Our Ethos / Motto:

‘Let Children Shine’ 

Our Vision: 

To teach all our children HOW to 'SHINE' so that they can lead a successful, productive, safe and happy life (tomorrow). 

Our Mission:

To provide high quality learning experiences daily that develop all of our children’s personal 'SHINE' (today): 

Our 'SHINE' Values and Aims:

S - Skills and knowledge - so they can succeed academically and lead a successful and productive life. 

H - Honesty and openness - so they can build positive well-being and lead a happy and safe life. 

- Initiative - so they become motivated, proud, problem solvers with a desire to do their very best at all times.

N - Never give up attitude and bounce back ability - so they can learn from mistakes / difficulties, move forwards positively and flourish in an ever-changing world. 

E - Empathy and compassion - so they can build understanding of others’ opinions and needs in order to develop healthy and supportive relationships.