Thrunscoe Primary Academy PE premium





At Thrunscoe Primary Academy, we aim to develop physical competence so that pupils are able to move efficiently, effectively and safely, and understand what they are doing. This in turn will develop a way of learning through action, awareness and observation, inspire confidence and fairness and build a sense of teamwork - all of which can be transferred to other subjects and are lifelong skills.

Our aim at Thrunscoe Primary Academy is to deliver a high quality and varied PE curriculum which engages pupils and promotes a love of physical activity and active learning. 

We hope to help our pupils improve their existing skill set and to develop new skills which can applied across a range of sporting activities. 

We aim to provide our pupils with a sense of competion and enjoyment which is underpinned by a respect for the opponent, the rules and the spirit of fair play. 

  • take part in P.E lessons which promote rigourous physical activity and challenge
  • be given the opportunity to participate in competitive sports and activities at a variety of levels
  • understand the importance of and adopt healthy and active lives.
  • undertand the value of competition and the importance of respect and fair play with that competition

School games mark award

For the sixth successive year, Thrunscoe Primary Academy has been awarded the silver award for the Sainsbury's School Games Award. This is testimony to all the hard work and dedication shown by staff and pupils. This year, we are determined to reach the gold standard.