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EYFS Documents 23-24

Rainbow Class - Our Wonderful Nursery Class

Our EYFS is home to the most incredible group of Nursery children (3 and 4 years old). All of our Nursery children attend for 5 days a week so that they can access a broad and balanced curriculum. As an academy, we believe in providing the very best start to our children's learning journey. Some of the children attend 5 mornings a week (8:40-11:40am), some of the children attend 5 afternoons a week (12:15-3:15pm) and some children attend for the full day (8:40am-3:15pm). These children are eligible for the governments 30 hour funding as we do not offer any 'paid for' sessions. 

The children are happy, enthusiastic and love every minute of their time in Nursery. They are incredibly fortunate to have some very nurturing, highly skilled key workers: Mrs Albery, Mrs Brown and Mrs Scrivener. The adults work closely with the children and know them very well. We pride ourselves on the wonderful, warm relationships that we have with our awesome children. We understand that they are all individuals and we know them as such. Making sure that the children are happy and making friends is always our priority. When they are happy, the magic happens. 


Iris - Our Fabulous Reception Class

Our EYFS is also home to our wonderful Reception children (4 and 5 year olds). All children are taught by two teachers; Mrs Allen and Miss Marsh. We are also fortunate enough to have two amazing TA's: Mrs Ashurst and Miss Ridall. As a team we make sure that the children are happy and thriving in school.

We all work really hard together, children are like little sponges at this age, full of curiosity, wonder and questions! We use this as an opportunity to make rapid progress in your child's learning. Our children start Reception in September and by Christmas most are reading. It is simply amazing what these incredible children can do. 

We also play hard. Our children are still very young and it is important that we give them time to explore and follow their own interests and lines of enquiries. We believe that young children need to make their own choices and know that their own thoughts and ideas matter in order to develop the self confidence and belief in themselves to make a real difference. They also need the skills to do something with these ideas, it is all about balance. 

At Thrunscoe, we work hard but we also play hard. Nothing is done by halves, but they all get a good nights sleep! 

Due to the nature of the EYFS, how quickly the children's needs and interests change, our timetables and planning change regularly to make sure that the children are getting the very best from their time with us. 



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